School Holiday Program

Age 16 to 24 years

Meet awesome peeps in our community who will share their journey and their skills with us.

Ages 12 – 18

Get active and have fun at our Fitness intensive these school holidays. A comprehensive four day program focusing on exercise, health and nutrition.

Age 16 to 25 years

Want to have the independence of driving? Come find out what getting your licence is all about.

Age 18 – 25 years

Think Big Brother (without the evictions)… Survivor is an independent living skills program designed for young adults who want to experience and practice the skills around living out of home with others. 

Youth Services Paramatta | The Rocks NSW

Age 13 - 17 years

XTreme Teens Adventure Camp is an independent living skills inspired program designed for young people that want to have fun and experience the great outdoors.