Getting a Job

Our unique and personalised approach will support you at every step of your employment journey in the Newcastle area.

At Cerebral Palsy Alliance we can equip you with job skills, help you find work and then support you in your role.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance is a Registered Training Organisation and deliver TAFE equivalent training in a range of nationally recognised qualifications. This training by our staff includes intensive workshops in communication in the workplace, job applications and much more.

We can give you as much help as you need while job searching. We can make calls to potential employers or sit-in on your first interview. The level of support we give is up to you.

Once employed, we can come to your workplace and provide the support you need. This is a free service to you and your employer. If any workplace modifications are needed, we can organise those modifications and any adaptive technology you may require.


31 year old Kristy-Lee Trajcevski with Managing Partner of Turnbull Hill Lawyers, Gavin Hanrahan.

Kristy-Lee Trajcevski has begun work as a graduate lawyer in the Charlestown firm.

“This job means the world to me” Kristy-Lee said. “This is putting my hard earned degrees into practice.”

Kristy-Lee received support from a consultant from Cerebral Palsy Alliance Employment Solutions – a job placement and training agency. She received assistance researching and applying for the job and at the job interview. Once offered the position, our consultant worked closely with a job access assessor and the employer to ensure necessary modifications to the workplace. Ongoing liaison between Cerebral Palsy Alliance Employment Solutions staff, the employer, and Kristy-Lee will ensure everyone’s needs are met.

Experiencing Difficulties in the workplace?

If you are experiencing problems in the workplace and you think you may loose your job, we can support you with our “Job in Jeopardy” program.

For further information visit the employment page or call call 1300 888 378