Person Centered Approach

We know that every person with a disability is the expert in their own life. So we aim to guide and support – not to direct. Collaboration and partnerships with our clients are key.

We focus on what a person wants to achieve and support people to develop strategies to realise positive change, now and in the future. This approach begins from a person’s first connection with Cerebral Palsy Alliance and continues throughout their partnership with us.

Working closely with you we devise individual plans based on your  immediate needs and long-term goals. Our professional staff has all the latest research and clinical experience at hand to recommend individually tailored programs that support you to live your life your way.

We know that every new stage in your life also brings change and requires different services. We are flexible to ensure we meet these evolving needs from the earliest days of diagnosis through to your adult years and beyond.

Family Centered

Cerebral Palsy Alliance recognises that each family is unique and that family is the constant in a child’s life. We therefore work very closely with families as they are the experts on their own child’s needs and abilities.

We also understand disability doesn’t just affect one person. Parents, siblings, grandparents and friends are all impacted by a diagnosis. Cerebral Palsy Alliance works to support the whole family as each individual learns to live with the challenges of managing a disability within their family unit.

Adam Shaw-Prisk and his family have been clients at the Stuart Centre in Croudace Bay for the past ten years.

Adam’s mum, Cindy, explains how her son and the entire family have been supported.