NSW Disability Service Standards

1. Rights

  • You know and understand your rights and can expect to have them respected
  • We uphold and promote the legal and human rights of each person


2. Participation and Inclusion

  • You are encouraged and supported to participate in your community in ways that are important to you
  • We develop connections with the community to promote opportunities for active and meaningful participation


3. Individual Outcomes

  • We maximise person centred decision making
  • We undertake person centred approaches to planning to enable each person to achieve their individual outcomes


4. Feedback and Complaints

  • You are treated fairly by Cerebral Palsy Alliance when making a complaint
  • You are provided with information and support to make a complaint
  • We handle and manage your complaint quickly and effectively


5. Service Access

  • We provide you with information about our services
  • We have clearly defined processes to access our services
  • We work with other organisations to increase each person’s support options


6. Service Management

  • You receive quality services that are well managed and delivered by staff with the right values, attitudes, goals and experience
  • You receive quality services which are effectively and efficiently governed


For more information about the NSW Disability Service Standards visit the Standards in action – ADHC (http://www.adhc.nsw.gov.au/sp/quality/standards_in_action) web page.