Groups and Events

Next: Mon 18 Dec 2017

Sydney, NSW

Ages 13 to 17 years

Meet new friends, or catch-up with old ones, while enjoying a fun night out and developing new social skills.

Next: Wed 20 Dec 2017

Age 9-15 years

A craft based activity group for children who would like to practice using their hands. 

Next: Wed 20 Dec 2017

Sydney Metropolitan Area, NSW

13 - 25 yrs 

Join us for Youth Summer Holiday fun!

Next: Tue 2 Jan 2018

Age 18 years and over

Aqua fitness for adults is a hydrotherapy program designed to improve and maintain all areas of fitness.

Next: Tue 2 Jan 2018

Preschool aged children

Our hydrotherapy group helps children learn new skills and build confidence in the water

Next: Tue 2 Jan 2018

Preschool aged children

This hydrotherapy group program focuses on water safety and familiarization along with some physical health and wellbeing goals.

Next: Mon 15 Jan 2018

Age 4–7 years

Does your child have hemiplegia or monoplegia? They will love this fun way of learning to use their affected arm.

Next: Tue 16 Jan 2018

Age 18 years and over

Fit & Strong is a program for young adults who want to improve their strength and fitness to help build and maintain their independence.

Next: Tue 16 Jan 2018

Ages 13 – 25

Get active and have fun at Boot Camp these school holidays. A comprehensive five day program focusing on exercise, health and nutrition.