What sets us apart

Cerebral Palsy Alliance is committed to providing world-class services for people living with cerebral palsy and their families.

As an organisation we embed our values of Integrity, Passion, Excellence, Courage and Respect in our practices everyday.

We are here to make a difference in people’s lives and support them in connecting and engaging them with their communities.


Cerebral Palsy Alliance is an international leader in research into cerebral palsy.

In a world first, in 2005, we launched our Research Foundation for the intervention, prevention and cure of cerebral palsy. Never before had an initiative been taken to establish a group of highly professional and expert researchers to solely focus on research in cerebral palsy.

In a few short years we have developed an international reputation as a world leader in cerebral palsy research. 58% of the most effective cerebral palsy treatments have been discovered in the past 10 years thanks to our efforts as well as our colleagues and partners around the globe.

We fund the world’s best and brightest minds in cerebral palsy research – many here in Australia. Our grants shape the direction of cerebral palsy research, and help build careers dedicated to the prevention and cure of this complex condition.

“We are on the cusp of a major breakthrough in terms of prevention and cure of this lifelong condition.”

As well as looking for long term solutions at Cerebral Palsy Alliance we are committed to providing evidence based therapy to our clients, taking the newest and most up to date research and implementing it for our clients today.

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Cerebral Palsy Alliance has almost 70 years worth of experience working with people living with cerebral palsy. We are one of the first organisations of our kind in the world. CPA has grown from a small family based organisation to one that employs more than a thousand staff from a wide variety of disciplines to support our client’s needs. Our evidence based practices are grounded in both research and clinical experience.

Our history and our people are what set us apart.

Our People

At Cerebral Palsy Alliance we believe that our staff are our most valuable resource.

We provide our employees with evidence-based, responsive professional development. As a result, our clients and their families receive the best quality service and support possible.

We are dedicated to supporting the education and placement of allied health and medical students. Cerebral Palsy Alliance provides practical work experience and mentoring opportunities with experiences staff to ensure quality services and supports in the future.

Our staff’s commitment to their job can be seen daily in their passionate approach to their work.

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At Cerebral Palsy Alliance we work hard to ensure continuity of care by providing a nurturing and rewarding workplace for our staff. Our staff retention rate is excellent with the average staff member working with us for over seven years.

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We train our people and offer a range of specialised training and nationally recognised qualifications for individuals and other disability organisations. We come to you or you can learn online. We are a registered training organisation (RTO).

Our expertise in workforce development was recognised when Cerebral Palsy Alliance won a major award in the 2013 Disability Industry Innovation Awards for the online learning portal, Disability Quotient (DQ).

We know that attracting professionals to work in the disability section will be crucial in meeting the future demands of people needing services and supports in the disability sector.

Regional Centres

Cerebral Palsy Alliance is working to expand our network to make more services available to people in rural and regional NSW and ACT. We provide professional services to our clients in their local area, backed by the expertise and research of our larger ogranisation.

Thanks to the support of the Sargents Pies Charitable Foundation, a brand new therapy centre in Canberra will open in 2014 on land donated by the ACT Government. This will mark the ninth site in our Sargents Pies Charitable Foundation rural network.

Partnering with the best to provide the best

Cerebral Palsy Alliance endeavours to partner with leading edge businesses and organisations to help us provide the best services, facilities, programs and supports and services for our clients and their families.

We work to build lasting relationships with organisations so that together we can build better lives for people with cerebral palsy and their families.