Transition to School

Cerebral Palsy Alliance has early special educators in the Newcastle area ready to plan education programs with families. The aim is to develop skills for successful learning and enable children with physical disabilities to participate as fully as possible in child-care, pre-school and school.

Early intervention educators can assist families to find a suitable playgroup, pre-school or childcare centre and investigate appropriate schools. Our educators can help in the transition process and provide staff with an understanding of a child’s needs.

Local Primary School and High School

In the Newcastle area, Cerebral Palsy Alliance educators help support the transition process into primary school and high school for students with physical disabilities. They also provide staff with an understanding of a student’s particular needs and can help modify the school environment accordingly.

For more information visit our Going to School page.

Newcastle mum, Cindy Shaw Prisk, explains how the transition to a local high school was significant for her son Adam.