Vote for Will: Cover Cutie Competition

Will overwrite featured video.
Practical Parenting Magazine cover with a photo of a baby - promoting a cover competition
Will overwrite featured image.

Will is just 9 months old and with your help he could be Parenting magazines’ next cover model!

It’s been a huge year for Will’s parents, Mel & Jason as they learn how to support their little boy who has dystonic cerebral palsy.

And while he’s making progress, there are still lots of challenges, especially around feeding.

However, there have been some highlights, like when Will held up his head by himself, or when he started sipping thickened milk to get the hang of swallowing …

Mel and Jason know the journey ahead may be full of twists and turns, but like most parents, they’re determined to give their gorgeous little man the best start in life.

If you’d like to send Will a ‘high five’, we’d love you to vote for him to be the next cover cutie for Parenting Magazine.

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