Toy Library Team finalists for Awards

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Toy Library Team with their Lake Macquarie Australia Day Team of the Year finalists awards
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Our Switch Toy Library Team at Croudace Bay were finalists in the Lake Macquarie Australia Day Team of the Year. This library is run by volunteers who give their time to make sure kids have access to fun and easy to use toys and games. Retired Librarian Delma O’Neil said ‘seeing the children play with toys and watchinig their faces light up is the best reward’. Most importantly, switch-adapted toys give kids living with a disability the opportunity to independently control their toy as well as participating with family and friends. The team send a big thank you to those who use the library and the wider community who have been a great support.

Many children with a disability, who have difficulty moving their hands, can’t play without someone else’s help.
But there are some brilliant adapted toys available with specialised switches so all children can play and learn. The toys have sockets so that different types of switches can be attached to meet the needs of lots of children with different physical abilities.

For a child with a disability, access to an adapted toy can be much more than play. It can provide them with a sense of mastery and enable them, perhaps for the first time, to engage in an activity enjoyed by their peers. Switch adapted toys also may be their first introduction to ‘cause and effect’, an important element in any child’s learning. Experience shows that such resources promote motor skills, support cognitive and language development and facilitate social and emotional experiences for young children with special needs.

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