Research needs speech pathologists and professionals

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A Cerebral Palsy Alliance therapist with a child who is in a wheelchair.
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Calling all speech pathologists and other professionals who assess and treat dysphagia or feeding difficulties. 

You are invited to participate in an international survey, which aims to ascertain what constitutes “usual care” for people with dysphagia. The survey is preliminary research and will inform the design of a Randomised Control Trial of feeding interventions for infants at risk of cerebral palsy.

Participation involves completing a 10-15 minute survey, is entirely voluntary and you will remain anonymous at all times. The survey will remain open until 19 May 2017. Responses will be collected and collated, and subsequently published in the peer-reviewed literature.

You can complete the survey by clicking here à

The survey forms part of my PhD research alongside Professor Iona Novak, Professor Nadia Badawi and Doctor Cathy Morgan, and has received approval from Cerebral Palsy Alliance Human Research Ethics Committee.

3 weeks ago