Magic Happens!

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children in magicians outfits standing in a group with arms outstretched
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Next stop Brisbane! The Arts Health Institute is planning its next Amazing Magic Club, and it is not too late to register your interest!

The Amazing Magic Club is designed for children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy, who have difficulty moving one side of their body. Learning magic tricks is a very motivating and fun way to practice using two hands. Each day at the Amazing Magic Club, the children learn magic tricks from professional magicians and make their own magicians costume, all in preparation for a show stopping performance for family and friends.

The Amazing Magic Club is being run as a research project and it is available for children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy aged 8-16 years. The Brisbane Amazing Magic Club will run during the school holidays from Monday 29th June to Friday 10th July.

After Melbourne’s Amazing Magic Club in Melbourne, mum Fiona said, “Our family got so much out of the Magic Club experience. We were pleased our son, Felix, had the opportunity to meet other kids with similar physical issues, we loved the fact he was having fun and making great progress, and we were blown away by all the kids’ performances on the final night. Felix himself reckons, “The Amazing Magic Club was spectacular! Making new friends and learning magic tricks was very cool!” (Fiona, Mum of a Felix, Amazing Magic Club Melbourne April 2015).

Do you have a child with hemiplegic cerebral palsy aged 8-16 years?

Visit for more details and to register your interest.

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