Free Speech Pathology session “Supporting Your Child’s Speech & Communication Development”

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Cerebral Palsy Alliance in Croudace Bay is offering a free “Supporting Your Child’s Speech & Communication Development” information session on Monday 3 August at 6pm and Tuesday 4 August at 10am.

In the space of 90 minutes, Kate Booth, Speech Pathologist will

  • Top tips for improving communication and language development in your child, including pausing, pacing and imitating

  • Specific strategies for developing communication skills in children with disabilities

  • Which augmented or alternative communication techniques might help your child

  • Assistive technologies that might suit your child, and how they can be used to improve communication in school or other settings.

Kate Booth, speech pathologist has been in the disability sector for 17 years. She has worked at Cerebral palsy Alliance for 8 years as a senior speech pathologist and manager of an allied health team.

If you’d like to join us, please call the team at Cerebral Palsy Alliance in Croudace Bay on (02) 4979 4333 or register below for your preferred session time.

Monday 3 August at 6pm: book here
Tuesday 4 August at 10am: book here

Places are limited so be sure to book early.