Thank you this National Volunteer Week

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A group of volunteers with a Cerebral Palsy Alliance client
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Let’s celebrate our volunteers

This year 8-14 May 2017 marks National Volunteer Week, an annual celebration to acknowledge the generous contribution of Australia’s volunteers. It is also a great time to take a closer look at the role volunteering plays at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance and to publicly thank all of our wonderful volunteers.

Fast facts

  • Approximately 420 individual volunteers
  • Over 1000 corporate volunteers
  • 24,588 hours donated in 2016
  • Located across NSW and ACT, from Orange to Ballina and Newcastle to Sydney

Volunteer foundations

The Cerebral Palsy Alliance was founded by volunteers over 70 years ago. In 1945 a small group of parents, under the leadership of Neil and Audrie McLeod, volunteered their time and skills to form what is now known as the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. It was the first organisation of its type in the world for people with cerebral palsy.

Fast forward to 2017 and volunteers are an integral part of many of the services and supports we offer to people living with cerebral palsy and their families. All our Board members, Governors and Committee members are volunteers. Currently over 420 individual volunteers donate their time, skills and energy to helping people with cerebral palsy. In addition, each year we engage in well over 1000 corporate volunteers.

Invaluable support

Our volunteers play a vital role in helping people with cerebral palsy live full and meaningful lives. According to Diane Piper, Senior Volunteer Coordinator at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, “There simply isn’t enough financial support to fund the services that we feel everyone is entitled to.” Diane adds, “We wouldn’t be able to provide many of our services without the help of volunteers”.

So who are our amazing volunteers?

Diane says, “Our amazing volunteers come from all areas of society and embrace all ages.  As an organisation we take volunteers from the age of 16 years and well into full retirement; we do not have a cut off age”.  Diane says volunteers include people who are in between jobs as well as retirees wanting to get involved with our work.

So many ways to contribute

Individual volunteers assist in many and varied ways, as skilled volunteers and program volunteers. Skilled volunteers include IT specialists; dentists, dental hygienists, graphic designers, consultants, accountants, administrative staff, electricians, film crew and fitness experts. Program volunteers can be found helping our clients across our programs, for example with Home Visit, Conductive Education, Boccia, Gym and Hydrotherapy programs.

Many corporations allow staff a paid day/s to volunteer with a charity or not-for-profit organisation. Our organisation benefits from small teams of corporate volunteers assisting with gardening days, sport and recreation events or accompanying clients on outings.

Thank you

So once again, a huge thank you goes to all the wonderful volunteers at the Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Our organisation is richer for the generous contributions you make.

Want to get involved?

All available volunteer positions are placed on our website.  However, Diane reports that if requests are received from the general public, every endeavour will be made to place them in an appropriate program. Different positions require different levels of commitment, from one-off events, to monthly, fortnightly or weekly volunteering. Volunteers will be matched with a program that suits the level of time available.