Teacher, Zookeeper… Physio

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Physiotherapist, Renee Wind on set at the pool during filming of our TV commercial
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For dedicated Physiotherapist, Renee Wind who stars in our new TV commercial, one of the main things she loves about working at Cerebral Palsy Alliance is the team effort between clients, their families and therapists – working together is the key to achieving great things.

‘Growing up I always had many ideas on what I wanted to be – a teacher, a zookeeper ( I actually did year 10 work experience at Taronga zoo so that could have been a possibility), a vet…

A physio never actually popped into my head as I don’t think I actually truly knew what a physiotherapist was or did until I started uni. Now, I can’t imagine myself doing anything else!

I’ve always loved being around kids – babysitting and playing with them and seeing the world through their eyes. In my later years of school year 9 and year 11, I had the opportunity to go to Kenya and Thailand to do volunteer work in orphanages. Many of the children in these orphanages had disabilities and it opened up my eyes to a world my ‘teenage’ self didn’t really know a whole lot about. From these experiences, I decided that as a person who is very privileged to be able to have the opportunity to go to school, to learn and to have the chance to go to university and then actually work, I decided that I definitely wanted my work to be able to directly help and assist other people.

 My older sister was already on the path of becoming a sports physio and through a bit of research into the job I discovered the world of paediatric physiotherapy and physiotherapy for people with disabilities…my decision was made. I’ve never looked back!

I finished uni in 2011 and was working as a physio in aged care before a job popped up at Cerebral Palsy Alliance… needless to say I jumped at the opportunity and I started work at Cerebral Palsy Alliance at Ryde in June 2012 and then moved to Allambie Heights at the beginning of 2014.

I find my job so rewarding and have been lucky enough to have met some incredible and inspiring people through working at Cerebral Palsy Alliance and this is a part of my work I really value! 

Also, being able to share a journey with clients and their families, supporting them in small ways to reach the goals they set is a very humbling experience. It’s what my job, for me, is all about!

One thing I love about working at a place like Cerebral Palsy Alliance is how much everyone works together as a team. I have learnt so much from my colleagues and still continue to learn and this support as a relatively ‘newbie’ physio is invaluable!

Being in the TV commercial was a lot of fun and I was so happy to help out on the day. Sybella was incredible – a true star. It was such a long day and she was such a little professional. It was an honour to be her co-star. To be honest though, it definitely made me realise that I need to brush up a bit on my acting skills if I ever want to make it into showbiz or get to Hollywood…  for now I think I might just stick to my day job (which is fine by me!) Autographs are at a going rate though!’