Standing On His Own Two Feet

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Standing On His Own Two Feet
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Most parents don’t encourage their child to climb on the lounge but that’s exactly what Sandra, mum of a toddler with CP, is focussing on as part of his therapy program.

Working with Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s Allambie Heights Physiotherapist Renee Wind, 3 year-old Daniel is currently working on specific goals that his mum identified as being important for Daniel to be more independent at home, including Daniel’s ability to stand unaided, climbing up onto the couch at home and moving into standing position without assistance.

Daniel has recently received Botox injections to his lower limbs so Renee, after talking with Daniel’s mum, decided to incorporate a block of therapy sessions after the Botox to particularly work on Daniel’s lower limb strength to assist Daniel in achieving these goals.

‘The botox provides us with a good window of opportunity to target the muscles that are often more difficult to strengthen,’ said Renee.

From here, Daniel’s family will be given a home program to continue working on these goals with Daniel and Renee will check-in with the progress and adjust the difficulty or add new activities as needed.

Along with this home program, Daniel also attends the preschool hydrotherapy program at the Allambie pool run by Renee Wind and Exercise Physiologist, Lauren Hansen where he is able to work on his goals in a different setting, whilst having fun socialising with other children and parents.

To ensure that Daniel stays interested, mum Sandra is very creative in adjusting exercises and activities. For truck and car mad Daniel, nothing is more enjoyable or more motivating than having his beloved cars and trucks make an appearance in his physio sessions one way or another.

Since April, Daniel has been working hard on moving up into standing from sitting on a low block and he is very close to doing this all by himself! He has learnt how to take steps backwards whilst holding on and he has improved his ability to move into high kneeling and he can now kneel up high enough without holding on to give mum a high five.

The thing I really like about Cerebral Palsy Alliance is how the staff and therapists acknowledge and focus on what Daniel has achieved, and what can be done so he can achieve more in the future, rather than concentrating on what he can’t. It’ just a positive place to be, said Sandra.

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