Take advantage of hydrotherapy and feel liberated

Take advantage of hydrotherapy and feel liberated
Posted on Wed 15 Nov 2017

For a person with limited mobility, exercising in warm water can be liberating – enabling greater movement than they are able to experience on land. It can also provide pain relief and increase strength and fitness, mobility and function.

“Hydrotherapy has benefits for all ages and most people enjoy the sense of relaxation that warm water delivers,” says Mark Liberatore, Team Leader Health & Well Being and an exercise physiologist with Cerebral Palsy Alliance (CPA).

Specialist hydrotherapy pools such as the pool located at CPA at Allambie Heights are heated to 32-34 degrees Celsius.

“Warm water can help increase a person’s circulation, reduce their muscle spasms and relieve pain.”

Before starting hydrotherapy, an assessment with a physiotherapist or exercise physiologist will be completed to help set goals for the intervention and to carefully plan a program that is suitable for the person’s ability level.

“During your initial assessment with one of our experienced staff we will be able to work with you to ensure your program is individualised and tailored towards meeting your National Disability Insurance Scheme goals.”

Exercising in water may provide greater physical activity opportunities for people with more significant movement limitations when compared with land-based activities.

Generally a hydrotherapy session involves working with a physiotherapist, exercise physiologist or allied health assistant with a program tailored to each individual’s unique needs.

For some people, the special flotation devices used in hydrotherapy may be essential for safety and independence in the pool. For others, exercise equipment is used instead to provide additional support or resistance in their program.

“Along with improving strength and mobility, hydrotherapy is also frequently used as part of rehabilitation programs following surgery,” Mark explains. “While a person is recovering from their surgery, hydrotherapy can help to gradually increase movement and the ability to confidently bear weight.”

Good to know

Our hydrotherapy pool at Allambie is fully accessible and is equipped with ceiling and floor hoists, ramps and stairs to ensure all entries in and out of the water are safe and enjoyable. We have a team of professionals who assess each individuals appropriate transfer procedure.

“Hydrotherapy may not be suitable for everybody,” Mark says. “We complete thorough medical pre-screening and if appropriate, approval (medical clearance) from a medical practitioner is required. A discussion about the suitability of hydrotherapy with one of our physiotherapists or exercise physiologists is recommended prior to undertaking hydrotherapy.”

For information about hydrotherapy at Allambie and in community pools at Ryde and Prairiewood please contact our Aquability department on (02) 9975 8479.

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