5 tips to hit your Steptember fundraising target

5 tips to hit your Steptember fundraising target
Posted on 10 months ago

To start, it helps if you’ve personalised your Steptember page so that your friends, family and wider social network truly get that you care about raising money for kids with cerebral palsy. But even if that seems a tad time consuming, you can still hit your target with just a bit of effort.

Did you know that it only takes an average of 5 donations for fundraisers to reach their target? So that leads us to the tips ….

  1. Ask that person in your life who finds it impossible to say ‘no’ to you – your Dad, your significant other, that mate who owes you big time! You know you have someone who’ll hand over $50 just because you ask … and you have such a winning smile.
  2. Email, email, email … everyone you know! You’ll be surprised how many people will be willing to cough up cash for such a good cause. Make it easy for them by sending a link to your page.
  3. Donate to yourself! Okay, that probably should be tip number 2 but we didn’t want to challenge you too hard – too soon. It works like this: you show how much you care by donating to yourself and all those folk you’ve just hit up via email will jump right into giving as you have.
  4. Be social – we’re talking everything from posting lots of stories, stats and selfies of how well you’re doing on social media, through to old-school ideas like bake sales, trivia nights, barbeques or organising a dress-up day at work.
  5. Hit your boss up! For starters, he or she obviously earns more than you but more importantly, most organisations encourage employees to do something amazing for their community. This goes double if you have a personal connection to someone who lives with cerebral palsy. You don’t have to go the full five-tissue sob story – just make your boss aware of the challenges this person and their family face and how every $ donated goes towards providing information and services or funding research to find a cure.

See, how easy it is? When you take action because you are motivated by feelings of compassion, generosity and service to others, the people who know you and support you in your life are only too happy to help out.

Why is that?

Because helping you to help others makes them feel good too! Brilliant – high-fives all round. So get cracking and you’ll have exceed your fundraising target in no time.

For more information on Steptember go here.

Thanks to everyone who gave generously during our March fundraising appeal because the wait is over! Kareena’s wheelchair was finally delivered, and in her favourite colour, bright pink!

The Federal Minister for Health, Greg Hunt, announced $2 million in funding for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF).