Balance exercises keep Cathryn upright

Balance exercises keep Cathryn upright
Posted on 10 months ago

Cathryn, 48, uses a walker and is very aware of the need to maintain her fitness levels and to stay upright. “I’ve had some falls but not recently,” she says.

A cousin told her about the gym at Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s Allambie campus about three years ago and she has been attending exercise classes ever since. “I need to exercise because it keeps me mobile.”

Since October 2016, Cathryn has been concentrating on improving her stability through the Upright and Active Balance Group. This program is clinically designed and delivered by experienced exercise physiologists, such as Mark Liberatore who is pictured with Cathryn.

Boost your confidence

It aims to improve stability, increase strength and improve balance so you have the confidence to feel safe while you are involved in everyday activities at home or when you are out.

“I’ve found it so much easier to pick up stuff from the floor since I’ve been doing it,” Cathryn says.

The exercise program will also help you to walk longer distances, stand at a bench, get in and out of a car safely or manage stairs. There’s also a social benefit because you meet other people who find balance a challenge.

The program runs for 12 weeks and includes a pre- and post-assessment so you know you are getting results.

The Upright and Active Balance Group can be funded under your National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) package or paid for independently. (Medicare and private health insurance rebates may apply.)

Book today

To book or to find out more, call 8777 1721 or email  

Classes run weekdays throughout the year at our accessible gyms in Allambie, Ryde and Prairiewood. For information on classes our website by clicking on your nearest Cerebral Palsy Alliance Campus.




Thanks to everyone who gave generously during our March fundraising appeal because the wait is over! Kareena’s wheelchair was finally delivered, and in her favourite colour, bright pink!

The Federal Minister for Health, Greg Hunt, announced $2 million in funding for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF).

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