School holiday activities will keep kids busy and happy

School holiday activities will keep kids busy and happy
Posted on 9 months ago

We have a whole range of activities from fun games for little kids to food adventures and cooking schools for teens these holidays.

If your child is aged 4 to 7 years and loves searching for pirate treasure, take a look at the CIMT intensive program for children who have hemiplegic or monoplegic cerebral palsy.

The program is designed so your little one will learn to better perform everyday tasks and activities such as dressing, playing games and using cutlery with their affected arm.

Its full name is Constraint Induced Movement Therapy and it’s based on the latest research around neural plasticity of the brain but your young pirate won’t realise this. They’ll just be delighted to be playing games with a Treasure Island theme.

“It was fantastic,” says Maria, the mother of five-year-old Sophie, who completed the program recently. “She used her hand more and also learnt to work in a group and wait her turn.”

For more information on CIMT or to register you interest in future programs go here.

We are also running Conductive Education for primary school kids this school holidays.

For more information:

Treasure Island CIMT Intensive

Call 8878 3500 or email

Conductive Education 7-12 years

Call 1300 888 378 or email

Teens learn independence

There’s a food adventure and a cooking school awaiting teens aged between 13 and 17 years. On the food adventure they will take public transport to a restaurant they choose and eat together while learning skills such as budgeting and travelling independently.

There are also cooking programs for 13 to 17 year olds at Allambie and Prairiewood aimed at increasing independence and confidence in the kitchen.

For the 14 to 24 age group, a Supersize Career Lab in the Sydney CBD will help them discover how to best use their skills and passions to create a career.

Explore our range of spring holiday programs for 13 to 25 year olds here.

Or call 9975 8446 (13 – 17 years) or 9975 8083 (18+ years) or email

Contact us to chat about how we can support you to use your NDIS plan to participate these holidays.

For more details about all school holiday programs go here.


Thanks to everyone who gave generously during our March fundraising appeal because the wait is over! Kareena’s wheelchair was finally delivered, and in her favourite colour, bright pink!

The Federal Minister for Health, Greg Hunt, announced $2 million in funding for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Foundation (CPARF).

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