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Super learning is here with HABIT-ILE

We are excited to bring you HABIT-ILE for the first time in Australia. This is a super learning intensive therapy for kids ranging from 6-13 years with cerebral palsy GMFCS levels 1-3. 

Our search took Senior Clinical Consultant Prue Golland to Belgium on a Churchill Fellowship to explore HABIT-ILE, where she observed the intensive super learning program and saw the results first hand. 

We spoke to Prue about the therapy so you could have all the information you need.  

HABIT-ILE was developed in Belgium in 2011 and is now globally acknowledged as a break-through therapy of children who experience challenges with hand and gross motor function. Not only does is use the principles of motor learning and neuroplasticity but includes the whole body in the learning for longer lasting results.  

Prue was excited by the possibilities when she saw the intensive therapy in use and how it incorporated the child’s limbs in the activities.  

“Interactions between the upper and lower extremities, whilst present in everyday life, are rarely trained together. In HABIT-ILE the activities encourage these important interactions.  

“The tasks and activities for each child are selected according to age, ability, personal interests and the child’s individual goals or objectives, offering a truly bespoke intervention.”   

The new super learning intensive therapy runs over nine days, where your child will receive 66 hours of one-to-one therapy (including assessment prior to and after the program). The sessions are seven hours every day.  

“Your child will receive personalised one-to-one support from one of our HABIT-ILE team members,” Prue said.  

“We take your child’s curiosities, abilities and goals and pair those with an approach that harnesses the way the brain learns best – with repetition and variation, fun and interesting activities that are highly motivating and pitched so the challenge is just right”  

“And while we focus on your child individually, there is also the opportunity to share activities with their peers and engage in a social environment”  

“The therapy support team will keep track of their child’s progress and at the end of the day we hold a team meeting to review each child’s progress.  

“We end the two-weeks with a fun celebration BBQ for the whole family. Because hard work and achievement deserves rewards and celebrations.” 

The study carried out in Europe found that children who took part in this program reached their goals and significantly improved their function overall when compared to children who continued with just their usual care.  

“It’s because this intensive therapy uses what we know about neuroplasticity to create the right environment for learning, new skills are cemented in stronger neural pathways,” Prue informs us.  

The HABIT-ILE super learning intensive program will run from Tuesday 4 July to Friday 14 July at Allambie Heights campus.  

The next steps:  

  • Register your interest by calling 1300 888 370 or email 

  • A clinician will follow up to assess your child’s eligibility and confirm the costs for the course.

  • Should your child fit the eligibility criteria, you will be provided with a place in the July program or on a waitlist for the next intake.

Do you want to know more? Prue will be answering your questions on Thursday 8 June at midday on our Facebook page. Join us then! 

Read more about Prue’s Churchill Fellowship and read her final report here