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Maddison's Krazy Adventure

"Taking on the Krazy Kosci Klimb really was a life changing experience for us all.

When we joined we never anticipated anything even close to the experience we had that weekend.

From the very first meeting we could see we were in for something special as everyone was so passionate about the event.

When the weekend finally arrived we were pumped for it. On arrival the fresh mountain air hit us and we started the layering, completed by our capes and masks.

Then it was all go. Quick dashes to the toilet, photos, loud music , air horns and people  busy everywhere.

OMG! This was really happening and then it was our turn. The countdown began and then we were off, followed by cameras and cheering volunteers. Such a surreal moment.

The walk to checkpoint 1 was filled with excitement and constant chatter.

Poor Maddi was starting to get a sore under her AFO already so once at the checkpoint the physio attended to her immediately and we decided to give the brace a break and see how she went.

From here to checkpoint 2 the whole team were amazed by how she was pushing through and we had to keep up with her.

This is when the team realised as her supporters we’d better lift our game. We stopped for a short rest at checkpoint 2 and then Maddi was off again.

At checkpoint 4 we discovered “CafĂ© de Kosci”. Who would have thought brownies could taste soooo good!

Yee ha! We’d made it by 12pm exactly (3 hours 20mins), and were very happy by this result.

It was crowded up there and lots of excitement everywhere.

Then it was our time to shine at the monument. Who would have thought it would have felt so great but with everybody cheering and cameras flashing away it was truly a special moment.

18.4kms later and we had finished with great relief and exhaustion. We completed it in 7 hours in total with a 45min rest at the summit and approximately 45mins at the checkpoints so were and are very proud of our efforts. Especially Maddison’s!   

So, as you can see we had an unbelievably emotional, inspirational weekend.

Who would have thought all those years ago when Maddison was diagnosed with CP that we would have found something so positive out of it all."


Applications for the 2017 Krazy Kosci Klimb are now open! 

And if you think you're up for the challenge, register your interest here.