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Isaac Says a big thank you to ClubsNSW

Story published in the Newcastle Weekly, 23 June 2016

It’s the ingenious piece of equipment that gave three year-old Isaac Charlesworth a new lease of life.

The Wizzybug is a batterypowered, joystick-operated motorised mobility chair for children aged 18 months to five years with conditions such as cerebral palsy, spina biflda and muscular dystrophy. With sturdy, puncture-proof tyres, it can traverse parks and playgrounds.

Take a look at this video to see how much fun Isaac had test-driving the wizzybug.

It gave Isaac, who suffered brain damage at birth, the chance to play on the same level as his peers at preschool and the ability to develop spatial awareness and learn wheelchair control since he will move to a powered wheelchair when he is older.

Now, other children like Isaac at Croudace Bay’s Cerebral Palsy Alliance will have the chance to use a Wizzybug, thanks to a $9,500 grant from ClubsNSW and a $4,540 donation from Valentine Lions Club.

The money was used to buy a Wizzybug, identical to Isaac’s, from the UK, which is currently on its way to Australia.

Once it arrives, the speciallymade mobility chair will be available on loan to families in the Hunter whose children use the Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s services.

Manager Sue Cook said it was a great tool for younger children with mobility restrictions to learn how to use a powered wheelchair.

“We’re so excited to be able to have one at the centre,” she said. “Many families are excited to use it.”

Sue said Cerebral Palsy Allliance was grateful to both ClubsNSW and Valentine Lions Club for the generous donations to ensure children like Isaac get access to the vital equipment they need.

Credit: Newcastle Weekly – published on 23 June 2016  

Caption: Three-year-old Isaac Charlesworth in his Wizzybug with dad Jamie Charlesworth and mum Sarah Wick. Photo: Jamie Wicks