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When volunteer’s expertise opens doors

All our volunteers contribute something special to our organisation.

Today we are highlighting three talented men who are just one example of the calibre of volunteers we are celebrating as part of National Volunteer Week 2016. Wayne Chee, Colin Bromley and Mike Hines are all highly commended ex-ABC film crew with extensive experience in the television industry. And we have been lucky enough to have them share their time, equipment and skills to film and distribute training activities to staff.

As technology changes so rapidly, we are continually testing and acquiring new equipment for people living with a range of disabilities. We then need to demonstrate how to use the equipment to occupational therapists throughout all our sites. Much of this equipment is highly technical and specialised, and filmed demonstrations are the most effective way for us to share training across our 55 sites in NSW and ACT.

Every month Mike, Colin and Wayne attend a training session with all their professional equipment with them and film our therapist demonstrating various new pieces of equipment. Mike then takes the footage home and edits it into a high quality video. That video is then beamed out to our therapists through webinars.

Thank you Mike, Colin and Wayne for your unwavering support to our organisation and our clients. This is just one example of the amazing commitment, support and dedication of our volunteers across the state.

You can volunteer to be part of the team – there is a role waiting for your expertise, skills and support.