Rachelle Baldock

Rachelle  Baldock
Position: Occupational Therapist and Early Childhood Early Intervention Coordinator

Rachelle first joined Cerebral Palsy Alliance in 1998, armed with a Bachelor in Applied Science on Occupational Therapy from the University of Sydney.

Rachelle has two decades of experience working with adults and children with a wide range of disabilities, in particular cerebral palsy and more recently motor neurone disease. She has worked with clients across NSW and throughout Sydney.
Rachelle is recognised as an expert in assistive technology and she can assess and make recommendations on the best types of assistive technology for alternate computer access, communication, environmental control and mounting systems.

Rachelle has worked jointly with speech pathologists to ensure people with complex communication needs have a way to express themselves using technology such as eye-gaze. She also has considerable experience working collaboratively with educational personnel to identify and implement ways to support a student’s access to the curriculum.