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6 Teamster Close
New South Wales

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Tuggerah Centre

Meet the team

Kellie  Thomson

Occupational Therapist

Kim                   Hourn

Early Intervention Teacher

Lesley   McNeill

Senior Administrator

Rachael McGlynn

Speech Pathologist

Local Services

Exclusive to Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Regular check-ups for children with cerebral palsy that are proactive, supportive, responsive and free.

Attention, memory and thinking skills are critical foundations for lifelong learning. Start early to develop your child's cognitive abilities and skills to learn, in readiness for preschool and school.

Be part of the conversation with family and friends, with expert guidance on the right communication aid.

Local Groups and Events

 For children preparing to start Kindergarten

If your child is getting ready for kindy, our expert therapists can work with them to ensure they have the key foundation skills and techniques all kids need to start school with confidence.