Some NDIS factsheets you need to read

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A photograph of NDIS booklets spread out on a table with the text some NDIS factsheets you need to read.
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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) website has information and fact sheets to help you understand and navigate the process. We have been through some of them and pulled out five that we thought would be good to help you start on your NDIS journey.

These are just a snapshot of the information but we wanted to help you step into this new process:

1. “About the NDIS”: This sheet provides basic information on what the NDIS is, who is eligible and when the rollout will happen.

 2. “Developing Your First NDIS Plan”: This sheet details the process of getting a plan and outlines the kinds of support eligible for NDIS funding.

3. “What are reasonable and necessary supports”: This is a page with a number of factsheets that you may find helpful when thinking about what you or your child will need to achieve your goals.

4. “Participant Portal User Guide”: Understanding how to use the online portal myplace is going to be an important part of your NDIS journey. Here we share the page with the guides you can download and follow.

5. “Review of a Decision”: Not all NDIS plans are perfect the first time around. If you disagree with a decision made by the NDIA about your eligibility or funding, you can appeal by following the steps in this factsheet.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance runs a number of NDIS Information sessions in areas about to transition. You can book online to attend one of those or sign up for access to our online recording

We also offer free one-to-one preparation and support meetings to help you prepare your paperwork for your first meeting with your NDIA planner.

For the full information about the NDIS, check out their website