Funding Options

Once your plan is approved there will be three different ways that you can manage your funds.

These are:

  • Agency-managed: The NDIA makes payments to care/support providers chosen by you.
  • Self-managed: You manage your plan’s financial and administration process. You will pay support providers and the NDIA reimburses you.
  • Plan management provider: You engage another organisation to undertake the financial management for you.

You may wish to consider these points when making your choice:


  • Could be the easiest for you
  • Little financial management required from you
  • No costs for you
  • You have to choose an NDIA registered service provider


  • Great for people who like full control
  • The Agency pays you the first month upfront, which you use for payments and then claim the costs back
  • You can purchase supports from service people not registered with the NDIS
  • Requires strong financial management skills and record keeping
  • May take up a lot of your time managing the process

Plan management provider

  • Could be easier for you than self-managed
  • The provider may assist with hiring and paying staff
  • They provide you with complete paperwork and records
  • There will be fees involved

The families in our NDIS information sessions talk about how they choose to manage their funds.

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