Newly Diagnosed in the Canberra Area

It is never easy being told that your child has a disability. The news can be life-changing. You may be experiencing many different emotions from grief to denial and possibly anger. The weight of information you have to absorb can be overwhelming. We are here to help with a team of experts all backed by the latest research.

When Max was almost 12 months old, we made an appointment for an intake meeting at Cerebral Palsy Alliance. The intake meeting exceeded our expectations.

After going to so many appointments and leaving with a sense of loss Cerebral Palsy Alliance made us feel positive about what Max can achieve. It was a relief to have an open discussion about Max’s abilities as well as his current and future needs.

But the most unexpected and cherished outcome was to be given the loan of the ‘Giraffe’ chair. It changed Max’s life and ours as well.

  • His feeding improved, he found it easier to swallow and was able to gain some weight
  • He was able to engage with his older brother Oscar and other children
  • It became much easier to include Max in family activities
  • He was able to engage in independent play
  • We were able to go out for a meal, visit friends and family

What would we have done without that chair? How much in developmental gains would he have missed out on? We are so extremely grateful.

Since then we have benefited from so many wonderful early intervention and equipment services. We’ve also used the orthotics clinic which means we are able to access orthotics in Canberra rather than making a 7 hour round trip to Sydney for sometimes as little as a 15 minute appointment. We also participated in Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s CP Check-Up program which regularly reviews children to help identify areas requiring attention. This review also helps us to understand what Max’s future abilities may look like and how we can plan for that.

We are currently working on communication technology options for Max and also trialling a power chair. Both will provide Max with learning opportunities and independence.

Again we may be naive but we believe he has so much potential and my greatest fear is that we miss the opportunities to reach his potential.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance has also been a great resource for my husband Geoff and me. To get answers to questions which are difficult to ask and answer. The team in Canberra are fantastic, they are specialists and we feel supported and know that they are as motivated as we are to see Max reach his full potential.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance is here to help you and your family.

Our therapy and support teams work to deliver the best possible outcomes for you and your family.

We help you negotiate the many services and options available to you, we provide counselling, connect you with other parents who share similar experiences and we work with you to plan the therapy needed, now and into the future. This approach continues throughout your partnership with us.

Where do I go in Canberra for help after diagnosis?

We offer free NDIS preparation sessions to help you get ready to meet with your NDIS planner, book now or call to find our more.

You can contact us on 02 6199 0600 to make an appointment. We can meet with you at one of our local centres or at your home to discuss how we can be of support.