Learning and Behaviour (Babies and Children)

Make the most of your child's early years to set them up with the skills they need for independence in learning, social life, behaviour, self-care and sleep.

We'll continue to support your child through preschool and their primary school years so they have the ability and confidence for every activity. You will have access to expert therapists and educators who work holistically and collaboratively to help your child reach their learning and behaviour goals. 

Attention, memory and thinking skills are critical foundations for lifelong learning. Start early to develop your child's cognitive abilities and skills to learn, in readiness for preschool and school.

The first five years of your child’s life are critical in laying the foundations for all areas of learning and development. Introducing carefully designed activities and learning experiences at this time of rapid brain development helps children to form new neural pathways much more readily.

Early special educators will plan an individual education program for your child to help them develop skills and strategies necessary for successful learning, and to be able to participate as fully as possible in preschool, childcare and school.

We'll be there to support your child right through their school years. Access the right advice to help them succeed and participate in everything that school life has to offer.

Find the support you need for learning, emotions and behaviour with expert psychologists who understand disability.

It’s wonderful to your child grow in confidence when they achieve everyday tasks, like dressing, eating and toileting.

Give your child and the whole family a good night's sleep. Whether your child's sleep difficulties are due to behaviours or discomfort in bed, our therapies are goal-specific to ensure you get results.

Help your child to feel comfortable in social situations, understand their emotions and learn how to overcome specific behaviour issues.