Adults 26+ years


The rest of your life starts now. Whatever your dream, whatever you want to achieve with the rest of your life, we are here to help make that happen. 

Be the best you can be

CPA is a proven provider of high-quality services for people with a physical or neurological disability, including cerebral palsy, autism, muscular dystrophies, development delay, spinal injury and intellectual disability.  Whether you have lived with a disability from childhood or acquired it later in life, CPA can help you achieve your goals.

All the services we offer are grounded in innovation and best practice. With the support of our internationally renowned research institute and enthusiastic frontline teams, we are constantly evolving our services to provide new opportunities. 

Whether you choose a group program or one-to-one support, we offer unrivalled access to a team of therapists, coaches, support workers and educators.

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To find out out we can help, call 1300 888 378 or  complete this form.

Six keys to your future

Our holistic approach allows us to deliver high-quality services and supports in 6 key areas:

Optimise your physical fitness, health and wellbeing, with expert support, coaching and encouragement from our energetic team. If it's about your body then we have a one-to-one or group program that matches your goals.
Have the confidence and motivation to take on the world with the best state of emotional health and resilience. From one-to-one support to group programs, access expert psychologists, mentors and youth coaches.
Life is good when you are surrounded by trusted networks, friends and family. Build the circle of people who'll support you, or share your interests and are keen to go out and have a good time.
It's an exciting time with new technologies, equipment and aids to give maximum independence in everything you or your child does. Find the best ones for home, study, workplace and play.  
Learn and practice all the skills you need for life, in fun group or one-to-one programs. From the practical to social to technology, you'll meet new friends and have a great time on the way.
You have a lot to contribute - through work, social entrepreneurship, volunteering or further education. Let's make that happen with courses, workshops, a new venture or individual support. 

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