Family, Friends and Fun (Babies and Children)

You are there for your child and we are here for you. There's support coordination, respite, counselling, parent seminars, siblings programs and fun family days to connect with others.

At the heart of your child's future is the love and support they receive from their family, the friends they make, and the good experiences they have in their early years.

We understand this, and are here to offer support for parents, siblings and carers. There's also some fun social activities that provide opportunities to connect with other families who have a child with a disability.

Get the most from your NDIS package with people who understand your needs.

We understand the demands of family life, especially when you have a family member with additional needs.

Live life your way, with support available 7 days a week. We'll match you with someone to assist you to enjoy social or recreational activities, take on further study, or contribute to your local community.

Your child will enjoy a break with new friends and fun times, while you and the family have some time for yourselves.