Contribution and Study (Teens and Adults)

You have a lot to contribute - through work, social entrepreneurship, volunteering or further education. Let's make that happen with courses, workshops, a new venture or individual support. 

Career Labs is an exciting networking and development opportunity to support your employability after leaving school.

Have you thought about further study? Why not do it with people who understand disability and can provide the extra support you need.

Realise your potential to bring positive change to the community. Change Labs offers facilitated small group sessions that work towards social change, volunteering and community building.

Make a difference to the world, while you learn new skills and try new experiences. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is for young people aged 14-25 years.

Understand and practice what you need to do to research the job market, organise work experience opportunities and prepare for the workforce.

Packforce is a packaging and assembly, mail house and fulfilment business that provides a supported workplace for people with a physical or neurological disability.

Develop skills and realise your potential to bring positive change to our community through a business venture, volunteering or social impact initiative.

Young Change Agents is a social entrepreneurship program to help young people see problems as opportunities.