Therapy Supports

Cerebral Palsy Alliance provides world class therapy supports for people living with disability. We have almost seventy years of experience behind us, coupled with the latest global research and clinical expertise. Cerebral Palsy Alliance is in a unique position to support you and your family to live your life, your way.

Our people are the core strength of our organisation. Cerebral Palsy Alliance therapists are experts in their respective fields that include occupational therapy, speech pathology, physiotherapy, psychology, exercise physiology and counselling. Our therapists work together to support you and/or your family to achieve your individual goals.

We offer a number of different types of therapy and support services. At times it might be overwhelming and difficult to know what kind of therapy you or your child might need. The need for therapy will change and vary as you or your child’s skills and needs change. We will work with you to ensure that you have the right type of support to help you work towards your goals.

At Cerebral Palsy Alliance all of our therapy supports and services are offered with the aim of helping you and your family achieve the level of independence that’s right for you.


Our Physiotherapists are experts in movement and function. We are focused on your health and well-being and will work with you to achieve your goals as effectively as possible. We are dedicated to person-centred, evidence informed therapy that delivers the best outcome for you.

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Speech Pathology

Speech Pathology

Our Speech Pathologists are experts in addressing challenges with communication, eating, drinking and swallowing.

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Psychologists at Cerebral Palsy Alliance are experts in supporting people with their learning, emotional and behavioural needs. We work with you to develop a plan tailored to your circumstances and individual goals.

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Walking / Standing


Cerebral Palsy Alliance provides hydrotherapy for people with disabilities.
Individualised programs can be developed and held at a pool near your home or at our accessible hydrotherapy pool on Sydney’s northern beaches.

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Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists at Cerebral Palsy Alliance are experts in supporting people with addressing challenges with their independence and activities of daily living.

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Swallowing, eating and drinking

Social Work

Social Work

Social workers at Cerebral Palsy Alliance are experts in offering emotional and practical support to people with cerebral palsy and their families.

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