Physical Wellbeing Services

Physical wellbeing involves exercising, good nutrition and making healthy lifestyle choices. Getting active is an important part of incorporating wellbeing into your daily routine. At Cerebral Palsy Alliance we have a team of exercise physiologists and physiotherapists who can assist you through a variety of programs aimed at optimising your physical wellbeing.

Exercise physiology

Our exercise physiologists can support you with:

  • goal directed strength and fitness programs
  • working with personal trainers
  • weight loss programs
  • healthy lifestyle education
  • task specific skill development and chronic disease management, and
  • being independent in your exercise program within the community
  • participating in other sport, recreation and leisure activities.

Exercise physiologists at Cerebral Palsy Alliance work with teenagers and adults, their families and carers to maintain and improve health and fitness for functional tasks, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Our exercise physiologists can also offer personal training and develop programs designed to meet your goals.

Exercise Physiologists at Cerebral Palsy Alliance work closely with occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists, social workers and psychologists to ensure a holistic approach to services.

Exercise Physiology

Acquatic Exercise

Aquatic Exercise

At Cerebral Palsy Alliance we offer aquatic exercise that works on specific skills in water. The benefits of aquatic exercise include:

  • increased gross motor co-ordination
  • increased range of movement and flexibility
  • increased muscle strength
  • improved balance and posture
  • improved fitness and endurance
  • water confidence
  • water safety
  • achievement of independence in the water

Individualised programs can be developed and held at a pool near your home or at our accessible hydrotherapy pool on Sydney’s northern beaches. All programs are designed to meet your individual goals.


Participating in sporting activities is a great way to make friends, learn new skills, get fit and challenge yourself.

The sports offered at Cerebral Palsy Alliance are played at the fun and recreational level right through to an elite Paralympic level. We offer a sports program for all levels of disability that includes all sports in the Paralympic Program, including Boccia, cycling, table tennis, athletics, football, volleyball and more.

We also offer multi-sport activities, yoga and gym programs. See timetable for more details.


Come and Try

Throughout the year, Cerebral Palsy Alliance holds Come and Try Sport days to give children, teenagers and young adults with physical disabilities an opportunity to find out what sports suit their interests and abilities. To date, soccer and Boccia Come and Try Sport days have been held at Allambie Hights, Penrith, Prairiewood and on the Central Coast. If you’re keen to give sport a go give us a call and find out how you can get involved.

Competitive sport

At Cerebral Palsy Alliance we encourage you to take your sporting interests as far as you want to go. This could be from playing a sport once a week, to having the occasional friendly competition right through to competing at a State, National or even International level. We have our own Paralympic Coach who is an expert in mentoring and inspiring our athletes to reach great heights and to win medals in International competition and the Paralympics. If you have found your sport, and have the passion and drive to take it to the next level we want to hear from you!

Read more about our sport program.