Lifestyle Supports

At Cerebral Palsy Alliance we are committed to supporting you in living your life your way. This could be through finding a job, enrolling in a course, participating in social and recreational activities, catching up with friends or getting out and about in the community. We provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whatever you need, whenever you need it, we are here to assist.

Community Companion

Need assistance being a part of your community? We can provide you with an assistant to support you in the activities that you want to do.

This could be volunteering, attending an art class, visiting friends, paying your bills, going to a concert or going out to dinner – you choose what you want to do, when and who you want to do it with.



Self Care Assistance Attendant care

We can assist you with your personal care needs such as showering, getting dressed, having a meal, getting up and going to bed, grooming and personal hygiene. This is sometimes known as attendant care.

We can come to your home, or place in the community – wherever you need us. We have experienced trained and reliable people who can support you in this area. You choose the people you trust and feel safe around.

Domestic Assistance

Need physical support to do the housework? We can provide you with support in your home to help with cooking, cleaning, making the beds, pet care, grocery shopping, paying bills and other jobs around your house.

We are flexible and can work in with your schedule.



Home-Based Support for Children

Home-based support for children can be provided on an hourly basis, so the parent/carer can have some time out such as attending an event, shopping or a meal out.

We are flexible and adaptable to ensure you get the most out of your time.

Advice on Childcare

At Cerebral Palsy Alliance we can provide you with information and advice on finding childcare facilities suitable for children with cerebral palsy and other disabilities.

This could include family day care, childcare centres, before and after school care or specialised services.



Going on Holidays

Planning a break or travelling somewhere different? Talk to us about how we can support you to make the most of your trip. We can support you with planning, booking and getting on flights, making your connections and getting around on public transport.

We can also help you see the sights, liaise with hotels and travel operators and provide personal care and overnight support. You choose the right support person who you feel comfortable with – your holiday, your way.


Counselling can help a person to clarify views, attitudes, feelings and thoughts in relation to life events and relationships. Counselling can offer the opportunity for a person to reflect on their actions, thoughts and behaviours, to set personal goals and to locate strategies to resolve these issues.

People seek counselling for many reasons but common examples include support for dealing with challenging experiences such as receiving a diagnosis of disability or managing the stress of being a caregiver.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance can provide counselling to individuals, couples and families.

The benefits of counselling can include

  • Feeling listened to
  • Improving understanding of oneself and others
  • Changing of belief and attitudes, behaviours and relationships to self and others
  • Increased motivation and problem solving

Our therapy and support teams have social workers and psychologists who have expertise in working in the area of disability and offer counselling support in a timely way. They can offer face to face counselling in your home, at Cerebral Palsy Alliance offices or provide telephone support. Face to face counselling, telephone or online counselling is also available through accessing the Relationship Australia website.

To find out more about our Lifestyle Supports or to book an appointment give us a call on 1300 888 378.