Fitness and Sport for Children

A healthy active life starts in childhood. Your child will be supported to participate in their choice of activity - in the gym, court, sports field or pool.

Whether their goal is to build fitness for school life, maintain physical independence or build the foundation for a healthy lifestyle, there is a program to suit.

They can join a group, team, or have one-on-one coaching and support at a local venue. Services include:

  • gym groups
  • sports, including swimming, soccer and boccia
  • hydrotherapy and swimming
  • diet and nutrition
  • special interest programs.

Our enthusiastic exercise physiologists and sports coaches will be with them all the way.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

Use your NDIS package to purchase this service:

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You don’t need to just go to the gym to be active and give your body the exercise and movement it needs. The power of ‘incidental’ exercise is huge. What kind of exercise is that? It’s where you increase your physical activity outside of your time spent in the gym or pool. We have some great tips from our exercise physiologists on our blog.