Conductive Education  programs offer a range of activities so your child will experience success in day-to-day skills:

Explore their environment

Explore their environment – roll, crawl, pull up, stand or cruise along.

Self mobilise

Self mobilise – practice using their recommended mobility equipment, take steps and improve their walking skills.


Communicate – make connections and interact with their peers and adults.

Use their hands

Use their hands – discover and enjoy age appropriate toys and activities.

Develop pre-school concepts

Develop preschool concepts – such as drawing, painting, using scissors, pre-writing, numeracy and literacy, early science, music and rhythm.

Participate in toilet training

Participate in toilet training – teaching the child and providing ideas for parents to continue in their home environment successfully.

Develop self care

Develop self care – managing dressing, self feeding and drinking.

Self feeding

Learning to take care of their own belongings.