Behaviour Support

Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s Behaviour Support services are available to children, teenagers and adults living with a disability, their families and carers.

Behaviour support is usually needed when a person’s behaviour is interfering with their daily life, their ability to form relationships, or their capacity to cope with or manage social situations.

Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s behaviour support services work with you to understand:

  • why the behaviour might be occurring
  • what triggers might be causing the behaviour
  • how the behaviour can be supported or managed differently into the future.

We partner with you to help improve your quality of life and the quality of your relationships. We do this by:

  • developing strategies on how to prevent or reduce the behaviour
  • teaching new life skills and behaviours
  • providing education and support to you, your family, carers and others in your support network
  • designing individual support plans that show practical ways you can support the person who uses challenging behaviour.

Psychologists at Cerebral Palsy Alliance use evidence based practices to provide our Behavioural Support services across all ages to assist you and your son/daughter to lead a happier and more meaningful life.

Please feel free to contact us and make an appointment to see one of our experienced psychologists. They can assess your current circumstances and work with you on an action plan.

Call 1300 888 378 for more information on our disability supports and to make an appointment.