Cerebral Palsy Alliance has been supporting people with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities in accommodation for over fifty years.

We currently provide accommodation services through nineteen sites across the Sydney metropolitan and Newcastle areas supporting over 120 residents. This accommodation has been specially built or modified to take into account the individual needs of our residents. Residents receive as much support as they need to live their lives, their way.

Our residents play an active role in the day-to-day running of the service. They may help put together mealtime menus or choose videos for a movie night or create a garden in their home. Our staff also support residents to access the wider community by supporting them in activities ranging from going to church or the movies to planning a holiday.


The National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) has indicated that it will soon release a discussion paper on housing and what needs to be done to address critical unmet need. The agency estimates that between 83,000 and 122,000 people with disability will need access to affordable housing. These are people who are currently not supported in social or public housing or specialist disability accommodation.

How can I get accommodation?

In NSW (with the exception of the NDIS launch sites), Accommodation Services for people with a disability are funded by NSW Ageing, Disability and Home care (ADHC). Referral into our accommodation services is managed by ADHC. If you have a disability and require accommodation please visit the ADHC website for more information, or call your local office.

Wallsend Accommodation Resident – John

‘If I couldn’t paint, I’d be at my wits’ end.’

When John spends endless hours painting and creating in his much-loved art studio at Wallsend House, he’s one happy soul.

It’s taken nearly a decade for John and the support staff at Wallsend to fit it out with all the things that are important to him … and now it’s just the way he likes it.

Although he developed an interest in art when he was 7, it wasn’t until he was nearly 30 that John actively pursued his passion with the help of his support staff.

Over the years, they have helped John discover more about his talent and deepen his knowledge about art by supporting him to attend art classes and being on hand to ‘take direction’ from John when he needs assistance with some of the finishing touches to his artworks.

For John, having a creative outlet like painting is essential to his sense of self and emotional wellbeing. He’s displayed some of his work at exhibitions and is proud to have sold a few pieces.

‘Painting makes me feel happy and relaxed and this is the place I want to be most of the time. If I couldn’t paint, I’d be at my wits end,’

‘Painting makes me feel happy and relaxed and this is the place I want to be most of the time. If I couldn’t paint, I’d be at my wits end,’ says John.

John not only paints for his own pleasure.

‘My fiancé, Jodie thinks my artwork is pretty good so I’m often creating special pieces for her to enjoy.’

Wallsend House is a specially modified accommodation that allows its residents to take control of their lives in a supported environment.



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