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Cerebral Palsy Alliance has been supporting people with a range of complex disabilities in accommodation for more than 50 years.
Exclusive to Cerebral Palsy Alliance. Regular check-ups for children with cerebral palsy that are proactive, supportive, responsive and free.
Career Labs is an exciting networking and development opportunity to support your employability after leaving school.
Have you thought about further study? Why not do it with people who understand disability and can provide the extra support you need.
Realise your potential to bring positive change to the community. Change Labs offers facilitated small group sessions that work towards social change, volunteering and community building.
Attention, memory and thinking skills are critical foundations for lifelong learning. Start early to develop your child's cognitive abilities and skills to learn, in readiness for preschool and school.
Be part of the conversation with family and friends, with expert guidance on the right communication aid.
Every child has something to say. Access the proven clinical interventions and communications activities that will set your child up for life - at home, preschool and school.
Everyone has something to say. You will find your voice with the newest and best ways to communicate with family and friends, face-to-face or through technology.
Enjoy a day or more each week with friends at one of our Community Access Centres, or try a new experiences with a small group or one-to-one support.
We'll have you up and running with the right software, app, access devices and settings for your choice of technology.
Conductive Education (CE) is an educational based learning program which provides a holistic approach to the development of children with cerebral palsy and similar disabilities. Your child will find a nurturing, safe and secure environment to learn.
Get the most from your NDIS package with people who understand your needs.
Our dental clinic, located in Allambie Heights on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, offers specialist services, expert staff and state of the art equipment, all in one place.
Make a difference to the world, while you learn new skills and try new experiences. The Duke of Edinburgh Award is for young people aged 14-25 years.
The first five years of your child’s life are critical in laying the foundations for all areas of learning and development. Introducing carefully designed activities and learning experiences at this time of rapid brain development helps children to form new neural pathways much more readily.
Early special educators will plan an individual education program for your child to help them develop skills and strategies necessary for successful learning, and to be able to participate as fully as possible in preschool, childcare and school.
Emerge is a unique personal development opportunity which will assist you to become your own 'change agent'.
Understand and practice what you need to do to research the job market, organise work experience opportunities and prepare for the workforce.
Be part of every activity with family, friends and workmates. The right modifications will help you access all the places in your life - home, school, work place and even holiday accommodation.
Trial new wheelchairs, walkers, seats, standing frames and more - all in the one place on the same day.
Exercise physiologists work with teenagers and adults to maintain and improve health and fitness for functional tasks, as well as maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
We understand the demands of family life, especially when you have a family member with additional needs.
We'll help your child to manage the challenges associated with dysphagia and saliva control, and enjoy a range of different food tastes and textures.   
A healthy active life starts in childhood. Your child will be supported to participate in their choice of activity - in the gym, court, sports field or pool.
Stay fit and feel great, with expert advice and support from therapists, coaches and trainers who understand disability.
We'll be there to support your child right through their school years. Access the right advice to help them succeed and participate in everything that school life has to offer.
Feel amazing after a workout with one of our enthusiastic exercise physiologists or personal trainers at a fully accessible gym, or at your local venue.
Be more independent around the home with the right choice of aids for everyday household tasks.
Experience the freedom of movement in water, with a hydrotherapy or aquatic exercise program. Choose from a group or individualised program.
Ignition is an award winning mentoring program for teenagers with a disability. You'll meet with your mentor for relaxed discussions about aspects of life that matter to you and also take part in fun activities in and around the city.
Life Labs is a group program that helps teenagers and young adults to build their skills and confidence for independence.
Live life your way, with support available 7 days a week. We'll match you with someone to assist you to enjoy social or recreational activities, take on further study, or contribute to your local community.
Make a life of your own choosing. Learn, develop and practice the skills to become more independent at home and in the community.
An action-packed school holiday event for teenagers that combines food preparation techniques, cooking skills, teamwork, nutrition and time management.
Enjoy meals at home or eat out with friends, with advice and assistance to eat and drink safely and comfortably.
Achieve the best state of emotional health and resilience, to ride the roller coaster of life and come out on top.
Connect with someone who really wants to see you succeed in life. We'll match you up with a person who will listen, offer their perspective and open up your world.
Sit, stand and move around with minimum effort and maximum comfort. Let us help you identify the aids that are just right for your lifestyle.
Let's help your child to development movement skills naturally through play. You will celebrate as they reach their movement goals, in fun one-to-one sessions with a therapist, intensive programs or regular groups.
Discover the most effective ways to use your whole body to its best abilities. Whether you need to stretch, strengthen, balance or reach, we'll help you maintain your movement skills and develop new ones.
Occupational therapists provide expert support so you can be as independent as possible in your everyday life. We love a challenge!
Learn how to make and keep friends, and develop relationships, with PEERS (Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills).
Packforce is a packaging and assembly, mail house and fulfilment business that provides a supported workplace for people with a physical or neurological disability.
A mentoring experience that matches young adults with a disability with their younger peers.
Our experienced personal trainers work with teenagers and adults to improve health and fitness for functional tasks, sports skills and general fitness goals.
Physiotherapists work with children, teenagers and adults with a disability to develop new motor skills, improve or maintain existing skills and abilities, and support participation in sport and recreation and leisure activities.
Find the support you need for learning, emotions and behaviour with expert psychologists who understand disability.
An amazing race inspired day where you can practice the skills for complete independence in the community. 
Want to enter the world of work? This unique program will match you to an older mentor, to help you understand what it takes to be successful in the workplace.
Enjoy an overnight stay away from home and new experiences, while your family takes a break.
Your child will enjoy an break with new friends and fun times, while you and the family have some time for yourselves.
It’s wonderful to your child grow in confidence when they achieve everyday tasks, like dressing, eating and toileting.
The right position in bed contributes to a good night's sleep and that's where a sleep system may help.
Give your child and the whole family a good night's sleep. Whether your child's sleep difficulties are due to behaviours or discomfort in bed, our therapies are goal-specific to ensure you get results.
A good night's sleep is achievable with expert help. Whether the sleep difficulties are due to your physical condition, habits, or discomfort in bed, our therapies are goal-specific to ensure you get results.
A fun and social activity that brings together young people who have a shared passion for photography.
Develop skills and realise your potential to bring positive change to our community through a business venture, volunteering or social impact initiative.
Have good times with new friends, while you learn and practice the skills to enjoy and feel confident in social situations.
Master the skills to make new friends, build relationships and feel confident in every social situation - at your home, out and about, or workplace.
Help your child to feel comfortable in social situations, understand their emotions and learn how to overcome specific behaviour issues.
Enjoy good times and laughs with like-minded people and activities to make you put your hands in the air and say ‘Yes, I can do it!’
Try a new hobby and make new friends with a choice of programs such as arts, dance, film-making, music, personal styling, social media or gaming.
Our speech pathologists are experts in addressing challenges with communication, eating, drinking and swallowing.
Participating in sporting activities is a great way to make friends, learn new skills, get fit and challenge yourself.
Be part of an adventure to the alpine region of NSW in summer. Try new sporting and recreation activities in an action-packed week of fun for 16-24 year olds.
What will life be like when you move out of home? The Survivor camp will give you a taste of independence living in a shared house with a group of other 18-25 year olds.
Open up the world for your child with a switch toy. Watch the surprise and delight on their face as they make these clever electronic toys jump into action.
There are thousands of products that make it easier for people with a disability to participate in everyday life. You’ll have support to guide you through the maze.
Whether you use technology for communication, social media, gaming or even want to master the art of coding, there is a program for you to learn and practice your technology skills.
Travel safely with expert advice on the vehicle modifications and car seats that suit you or your child's specific needs.
An opportunity for young people to get wild in the wild! You'll work in a team to take safe risks and problem solve challenges in the great outdoors. 
Young Change Agents is a social entrepreneurship program to help young people see problems as opportunities.
Do you have a road map for your future? Our youth coaches and youth support workers will support you to identify your needs, set goals and plan the way ahead.