Access Your World (All ages)

It's an exciting time with new technologies, equipment and aids to give maximum independence in everything you or your child does. Find the best ones for home, study, workplace and play.  

Be part of the conversation with family and friends, with expert guidance on the right communication aid.

We'll have you up and running with the right software, app, access devices and settings for your choice of technology.

Be part of every activity with family, friends and workmates. The right modifications will help you access all the places in your life - home, school, work place and even holiday accommodation.

Trial new wheelchairs, walkers, seats, standing frames and more - all in the one place on the same day.

Be more independent around the home with the right choice of aids for everyday household tasks.

Sit, stand and move around with minimum effort and maximum comfort. Let us help you identify the aids that are just right for your lifestyle.

The right position in bed contributes to a good night's sleep and that's where a sleep system may help.

Open up the world for your child with a switch toy. Watch the surprise and delight on their face as they make these clever electronic toys jump into action.

There are thousands of products that make it easier for people with a disability to participate in everyday life. You’ll have support to guide you through the maze.