Media/Liverpool mums and bubs stepping up to help children with cerebral palsy

Liverpool mums and bubs stepping up to help children with cerebral palsy

Local mothers’ group signs up for STEPtember challenge

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Liverpool mums and bubs stepping up to help children with cerebral palsy
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LIVERPOOL, THURSDAY 14 AUGUST 2014 – They’ve taken on the challenge of motherhood and now they’re setting themselves a new goal – to do 10,000 steps a day for an entire month to help children with cerebral palsy.

The four friends all met over the past year when their babies were born and they attended the same mothers’ group at Hammondville. They all have different careers and backgrounds, yet didn’t hesitate when one of them suggested they push themselves physically (and their babies in their strollers) to take on the STEPtember challenge.

‘As a school teacher I have seen students with cerebral palsy in mainstream classes and the help and support these students and their families receive from Cerebral Palsy Alliance is incredible’, said team member Kathryn Slack.

‘When I heard about STEPtember I thought it would be a great way to not only improve my fitness, but also do something to support Cerebral Palsy Alliance. I asked who in my mothers’ group wanted to join me, and three other mums quickly signed up.

‘As it turns out, one of our members actually worked for Cerebral Palsy Alliance so she has a great understanding of challenges faced by children with cerebral palsy and the need to provide vital therapy and support.’

Their STEPtember team is called ‘Mothers1’ and includes Kathryn Slack, Koryn Mclaren, Byrony Poulton and Jennifer Sy. Byrony will be doing the challenge from South Australia where she has recently moved to.

STEPtember participants form teams of four and each do 10,000 steps a day from 3-30 September. They wear pedometers and log their daily activity online. More than 40 activities can also be converted into steps including cycling, rowing, surfing and going to the gym. Importantly, participants also raise money to support children and adults with cerebral palsy.

‘As mothers, we want to be healthy role models and give back to the community and STEPtember is a great way to do that’, said Koryn Mclaren. ‘It is a great opportunity to help support kids with cerebral palsy but also fund vital research.

‘Our children will see a lot of the great outdoors as we pound the pavement during September, and we’d love the Liverpool community to consider joining us on the STEPtember challenge.’

To sign up a team of support ‘Mothers1’, go to

Attention editors: The Liverpool mums in ‘Mothers1’ are available for interview and photos, please call Kathryn on 0422 032 718.

Released on 14 Aug 2014