Media/Little girl with cerebral palsy inspires random act of kindness from Toowoomba resident

Little girl with cerebral palsy inspires random act of kindness from Toowoomba resident

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Toowoomba resident and her little pet dog walking to get their steptember steps up
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TOOWOOMBA, TUESDAY 16 SEPTEMBER  2014 – When Elizabeth Addie decided to attend a hydrotherapy session at her local pool, she didn’t expect to meet someone who would  inspire her to take action to change lives.

But that’s exactly what happened when Elizabeth, nursing a broken arm, met a charming 2 year old girl also from Toowoomba who has cerebral palsy. She’s the inspiration for Elizabeth signing up ‘Team Tum Tum’ for the month-long activity challenge STEPtember.

‘It was difficult to hear that at birth this delightful little girl had received a poor prognosis, but her mum described how early intervention services and therapy had lead to her daughter reaching milestones she never thought possible – even walking!’ Elizabeth said.

‘When I returned home from the pool that day I knew that I wanted to step up and help, so I registered for STEPtember and haven’t looked back since’.

The STEPtember challenge sees participants do 10,000 steps a day from 3-30 September and log their daily activity online. More than 40 activities can also be converted into steps including cycling, rowing, surfing and going to the gym.

Participants also raise much needed funds to help Cerebral Palsy Alliance provide vital equipment and therapy for kids in need.

Elizabeth and her dog Tum Tum have been pounding the pavement every day clocking up their 10,000 steps and are already noticing the benefits.

‘It’s been an amazing experience so far to know that I’m helping children with cerebral palsy and their families all while improving my own health and staying active’, Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth would love the Toowoomba community to also step up and support the STEPtember cause by donating.

‘We have such a wonderful and supportive community, and it would be great to see everyone rallying to make a difference to the lives of kids with cerebral palsy and their families’, Elizabeth said.

To support Elizabeth and sponsor ‘Team Tum Tum’ go to her fundraising page:  

Released on 16 Sep 2014