Media/Jazz royalty inspires teenagers with cerebral palsy

Jazz royalty inspires teenagers with cerebral palsy

Lionel Cole adds his musical flare and famous surname to song-recording session in Sydney

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Jazz royalty inspires teenagers with cerebral palsy
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His uncle was the legendary Nat King Cole, his cousin the equally talented Natalie Cole, and his father Freddy a Grammy-nominated artist. With genes like that it is hardly surprising that Lionel Cole has built an international reputation as an acclaimed musician in his own right.

This week, the latest in the long line of Cole family international stars added his musical flare to a song recording session involving a group of Sydney teenagers with cerebral palsy.  

Lionel Cole, employed by Song Division which specialises in interactive song writing experiences, provided tips and advice to the teenagers as they recorded a song they had written as part of Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s Ignition Mentoring Program.

The program involves the teenagers spending 12 months under the guidance of volunteer mentors from ING DIRECT to build self-esteem, resilience and confidence and discuss issues including life choices and work goals.

Gabriel Maciel from Cerebral Palsy Alliance, who runs Ignition Mentoring, says the song recording session run in conjunction with Song Division was the culmination of the year-long mentoring program.

‘The teenagers and mentors wrote an original song about their experiences in the Ignition Program, which was a great way to solidify the relationships built’, Gabriel said. ‘Recording the song in a professional studio gave the teenagers a tangible memory to take away from the program.

‘Having Lionel Cole join the teenagers and the volunteers from ING DIRECT in the recording studio really made this a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for everyone. Not many people can boast about the day they recorded a song with Nat King Cole’s nephew!’

Mentor and Head of Corporate Affairs at ING DIRECT, David Breen, said: ‘The Ignition Program is one of the most rewarding experiences for mentors and of course, their mentees. The song writing exercise was a lot of fun and was a great way to finish off the year.’

Song Division’s General Manager, Monica Dolso, said it was a buzz working with the teenagers and their mentors. ‘Helping them create all the music, write all the lyrics and then professionally record their very own song was amazing. The song created and recorded this year is one of the best I’ve ever heard across 10 years of facilitating song writing experiences.’

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Released on 24 Oct 2013