Media/Aussie-led campaign unites people with disability from around the world

Aussie-led campaign unites people with disability from around the world

World Cerebral Palsy Day celebrated by more than 300 organisations in 48 countries

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Aussie-led campaign unites people with disability from around the world
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WEDNESDAY 1 OCTOBER 2014 – People with cerebral palsy from as far afield as Turkey, Nepal and China are celebrating alongside residents in more than 40 other countries thanks to an Australian inspired campaign.

Australia’s Cerebral Palsy Alliance launched World Cerebral Palsy Day three years ago to focus attention on new products, technology or services with the potential to change the world for the 17 million people across the globe living with the condition.

The global awareness and action day has been eagerly adopted by more than 300 cerebral palsy organisations around the world, giving a voice to those who have in the past been unable to have their ideas and views heard.

World CP Day Project Manager Robyn Cummins says the premise of the campaign is simple.

‘World Cerebral Palsy Day is a unique initiative’, Robyn said. ‘It recognises that the best ideas come from people living the experience. It is much more than an awareness day, because it gives people with cerebral palsy, their families and supporters a voice, and amplifies those messages to a global audience.’

People are asked to think about new products, technology or services that would change their lives, and submit their ideas at The world’s best minds in science, innovation and product development are then challenged to turn the top ideas into reality.

With 17 million people around the world having cerebral palsy and another 350 million closely connected to someone with cerebral palsy, the ideas have been flooding in from all corners of the globe.

‘Winner of the inaugural World CP Day campaign was a man with cerebral palsy from Turkey whose idea for a solar powered wheelchair was turned into reality by a design team from the United States’, Robyn said. ‘This is global innovation at its best, which is empowering people with cerebral palsy regardless of where they live or their socio economic background.’

Ideas can be submitted online from now until the end of October. Three ideas will be shortlisted and then inventors and innovators will be invited to create a prototype and compete for a prize pool of $US 30,000.

For more information about World Cerebral Palsy Day, visit or email Robyn Cummins at phone +61 2 9975 8712 .


Released on 1 Oct 2014