Helping us find the answers to CP

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Helping us find the answers to CP
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Leanne and her daughter Hannah were among the first people to join the NSW CP Register and know the real impact that taking part can have.

“It’s heartening to know that any information our family provides the CP Register may not only help our family today, but could also help future generations of families” – says Leanne.

CP Registers have already helped researchers determine that 45% of children born with cerebral palsy were born at full term (more than 37 weeks) with no indication of any disability at the time of birth.

We currently have 2,400 participants, but to be a truly representative population database and to continue evaluating the effectiveness of interventions aimed at treatment or prevention we need to double this number .

You can greatly assist our researchers as they work to improve our understanding of cerebral palsy.

Email us to express your interest in contributing to the CP Register

or learn more about CP Registers