Helen Stone – Cerebral Palsy Alliance Boomerang

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Occupational Therapist Helen Stone who features in our TV commercial
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With expert knowledge that can only come with years of experience in the field, Occupational Therapist Helen Stone who stars in our TV commercial is what we refer to as a ‘Cerebral Palsy Alliance Boomerang’ – leaving and returning to the organisation, she explains why she’s now here to stay…

I graduated from Sydney University and have a Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy.

I have had a long relationship, full of lovely memories with Cerebral Palsy Alliance. I first started to work with the organisation from 1989 – 2000, back when it was known as the Spastic Centre. Initially I was involved in the Country Infant Service and I worked with school aged children and their families. I then moved into the Technology service from 1995-2000 – things have come a long way since then. I came back to Cerebral Palsy Alliance in 2012 after having worked in Early Intervention and in Paediatrics at Royal North Shore Hospital. I now work in the Technology and Seating service (TASC) and absolutely love it.

It is amazing to see how far technology and specialised seating has developed and the positive impact it can have to change people’s lives.

I have always wanted and loved being an occupational therapist as it involves working with clients and their families to achieve their goals. At Cerebral Palsy Alliance I also have the opportunity to work with a highly skilled and wonderful team of colleagues – this makes my job a lot more rewarding and beneficial for our clients too. 

Our clients are our inspiration and we are always looking for individual and creative approaches to find the best solutions for them.

I was very excited to be part of the advertisement! It was such a great opportunity to share the vision of Cerebral Palsy Alliance and showcase what we do. With hair, make-up and  all the lights, it was interesting to see how much time goes into filming an advert like this and many laughs were shared with everyone on the day. Filming was a bit different from my day-to-day routine, but it was all very exciting and I was honoured to be part of it.