Work Experience and Students

Work Experience and Students

Cerebral Palsy Alliance is committed to providing high-quality student placement supervision and clinical placements for allied health, vocational and secondary school students.  Successful student placements at CPA increase students’ positive experiences and skill developments in the disability sector, and contribute to providing a high-quality sustainable workforce for the future.

Placements offer many benefits to both students and CPA staff.  Students gain a unique opportunity to apply classroom learning in the real world, under the supervision of experienced staff.  Through placement students can experience the wide range of services our organisation provides, and gain a greater understanding of potential roles they may be interested in pursuing throughout their career.

How a placement helps you grow:

  • You have the opportunity to develop professional confidence and capabilities for work in this sector
  • You gain real work experience with potential for future employment
  • You develop an awareness of cerebral palsy and disability and person-centred practice
  • You are well supported to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses
  • You get to contribute and make a difference in someone’s life

How student placement benefits CPA:

  • We continue to engage with bright and enthusiastic students, helping to create environments of innovation and fresh perspectives
  • We expand our capacity as an organisation by utilising the time and talents of students
  • Students become advocates for our services to potential clients and families
  • We expand our networks and connections within the community

Requesting a student placements at Cerebral Palsy Alliance

The Student Coordinator manages the placement of all students across the organisation from universities, vocational institutions, private colleges and secondary schools.

CPA supports students with a broad range of learning needs.

Type of Placement Work Experience Year 10 - 12 Community Service
Community Engagement
Vocational Education & Training Work Experience placements Clinical Allied Health Placements
Educational Institution Secondary Schools and Secondary Colleges Secondary schools
Vocational Institutions
Vocational Institutions
Private Colleges
Job Seeker
Partner Universities
Scholarship students
Other universities

CPA is able to offer a limited number of high quality student placements.

Please register your interest using the Registration of Interest form below.

For all clinical allied health placements, please arrange this through your university field work coordinator.

For further information contact:

Student Coordination Manager

Tel: (02) 9975 8716

Mobile: 0439 250159


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