Raise Funds with Friends

  • Fundraise at School
  • Fundraise at Work
  • Fundraise with your community/sporting group

Host an event

  • Gala/Trivia nights
  • BBQs
  • Or create your own event
Raise Funds with Friends
$200: Faye organised a raffle at her local IGA store and also raised awareness about cerebral palsy in her local community.

$32,000: Georgina has a son with cerebral palsy and has held two trivia nights, each attended by over 300 people, raising life-changing funds and awareness about cerebral palsy.

Fundraisers’ resources

If you are new to fundraising it can look like a daunting task, but don’t panic, we’ve put together this guide to help take some of the stress and guess work out of making your activity/event a success!! At Cerebral Palsy Alliance we value the time and effort it takes to support us. Please fill out the application form below to obtain an authority to fundraise and to read more on fundraising for us.

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Community fundraising is a great excuse for getting your mates together to raise money for a good cause.

By becoming a Cerebral Palsy Alliance community fundraiser you will be joining our wonderful community of supporters, helping build futures for children and adults living with cerebral palsy and their families.

Before you start, think about what size of event or activity you can realistically do and much money you can raise. Set a realistic fundraising goal for yourself that you think you can reach. It doesn’t matter if you raise $10 or $10,000, every cent counts!

Take a look at your immediate networks, friends, family, employer, work colleagues and local community. Think about how they could sponsor or donate to you and the amount that could be raised from each group.

How you raise your funds is completely up to you! You can try something new and unique, or go with tried and tested activity that you know will be successful. Why not try online fundraising? It’s fast, easy for you and your donors to use and takes most of the stress out of fundraising.

Take a look at the How to Fundraise section on this page.

Before you can proceed with your activity/event you’ll need to apply for an Authority to Fundraise. Simply fill out the application form or email our Community Fundraising Assistant for help.

When your activity/event has been approved you’ll receive your Letter of Authority to Fundraise on behalf of Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Other important things to consider:

  • applicable insurance requirements (your activity/event will not be covered under Cerebral Palsy Alliance insurance policy)
  • applicable council/government permits
  • applicable licences
Get the word out! The more you promote your event, the more chance you have of achieving your fundraising goal.
Think about your supporters and the best way to reach them. There are endless ways to promote your activity/event from email, Facebook and Twitter, flyers and posters, word of mouth…

Cerebral Palsy Alliance’s logo is available on request; any use of this logo must be approved by Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Please email our Community Fundraising Assistant a copy of any promotional material prior to distribution. Depending on the event we might be able to help promote your event to our social media community too, so just ask!

This is the part that makes all the hard work worth it! To ensure we can start putting your funds to good use (and to keep everything legal) Cerebral Palsy Alliance requires funds to be presented no later than two weeks of your activity/event, wherever possible. Funds can be deposited to Cerebral Palsy Alliance in a number of ways.

Bank transfer or over the counter at any Commonwealth Bank
Bank: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
BSB: 062000
Account number: 10899845
Account name: Cerebral Palsy Alliance
Please include your donor ID or your name in the description/reference field when you make a deposit/transfer. Without this reference the funds may not be identified as your event. We also ask that you email us to notify us of the deposits.

Cheque or Money Order
Made out to: Cerebral Palsy Alliance
Send to:
Cerebral Palsy Alliance – Community Fundraising
PO Box 6427

Credit card:
Please call the Community Fundraising Assistant 02 9975 8934 to make a payment over the phone or arrange a deposit slip.

In person:
Cerebral Palsy Alliance
187 Allambie Road
Allambie Heights NSW 2100

Don’t forget to THANK everyone who supported you. You’ll probably find most of your supporters will be keen to hear how much money you raised.