Partnerships make a significant contribution to the capacity of our organisation and advocacy of our cause.

Working with corporate organisations and influential business people helps us achieve our mission. Our partners provide financial support, employee volunteering, event participation and sponsorship.

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There are many ways that your organisation can get involved

Payroll Giving Partnerships

Payroll giving is an easy way for your employees to donate to Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

They can donate a nominated amount, e.g. $10, each month from their pay. This would result in a yearly gift of $120 that is tax deductible. The donation is taken from their pre-tax salary, which means they benefit from this tax deduction immediately.

As an employer, all you have to do is:

Arrange for your company or organisation to enter into a payroll giving arrangement. Your employees will then have the option to nominate Cerebral Palsy Alliance as their charity and nominate the amount for their regular donation.

You, the employer, then pay the donation directly to Cerebral Palsy Alliance.

Cause Related Marketing

Linking your brand or product to Cerebral Palsy Alliance can aid in increasing sales, exposure, consumer loyalty and retention.

It helps to attract customers by associating your brand with our cause, thus instilling a strong message of corporate social responsibility in your client’s mind.

We are keen to work together with you to ensure that our CRM projects are exciting, innovative and mutually beneficial for both organisations.

Pro Bono/In Kind Support

We recognise that many organisations may choose to support us in ways other than a financial capacity, through staff fundraising, or through commercial partnerships.

Supporting Cerebral Palsy Alliance by donating your products, services or time is an easy way to provide us with valuable assistance.

By offering your professional skills, such as mentoring, training or other similar intellectual assets, you help to achieve your corporate responsibility goals as well as demonstrating your commitment to our cause.

These Gifts in Kind can help save us valuable resources and enable us to use our fundraising dollars even more effectively. This means that we can spend more money on vital services and research.

More information and how to get involved

For more information please email Lucy Jacka, Senior Manager Relationship Fundraising, at or call 02 9975 8756